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Informasi : Soufenir/Handycraft
Tautan : Soufenir/Handycraft

Batik textiles are very integral part of Javanese Culture, known as the finest product in the world. You can see or buy this product by visiting the main centre such as Pekalongan City, Surakarta (Solo ) City, Lasem (Rembang) City, etc.


Lurik is weaving textile. The textile produces hand woven cloth from Sarong's to materials for upholstery, bed covers, wall hanging and garments as well. The Lurik can be found at Troso Village which known as "Lurik Troso" in Jepara Regency and Klaten Regency.


It is a leather puppet, usually used for performing the shadow play (wayang kulit). An out standing handicrafts calling for a height level of artistic skill.It is made a parchment which is then tooled, printed and gilded with a great deal of intricate detailed punched out of the leather to allow the light to show through. You can see the artists at work, in five major places: Surakarta (Solo), Sukoharjo, Klaten, Wonogiri, Sragen and Boyolali.

Wood Carving

The main center of wood carving in Central Java is Jepara. Some smaller ones can be found in Klaten and Surakarta. The artists carve teak preference and produce anything from furniture in suite or single pieces, decorative panels for wall or door, statuary of all size subject broads, salad seat or trinket boxes.

Stone Carving

On the main road to Muntilan/Yogyakarta from Borobudur or Magelang, a group of stone sculpture reproduces classical statuary, make garden fountains and ornaments.

Metal Working Crafts

The product includes iron foundry, brass, copper and silver. Brass industry can be found in Juwana (Pati), Boyolali, Temanggung, Rembang, Sukoharjo, where major copper craftsmen work. It produces lamps stand, vases, mini gongs, cigarette cases relief, furnishing,


And last but not least is another centre of unusual handicraft ceramic, locating at Klampok sub district Banjarnegara Regency, where glazed and decorated plate, earthenware crockery is produced.

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